Here you can see a full record of our trip with the 2012 Gumball 3000! Check out the best pictures that we took and all of the tweets that we made throughout the trip. We had a blast on the rally and are very grateful to all of the ralliers and staff for being so welcoming and friendly. It’ll be a trip to remember for sure. And hopefully won’t be our last hurrah with the Gumball 3000 :)

To see the map full screen, click here.


    1. Will do. Youd have loved the starting grid. Epic cars on this. Thoughts on the site? Not like I can do too much now… But I like feedback :) there are a few bugs that we are working on now, and adding in car images tonight.

    1. More photos are up now! Took most of them with the DSLR. Had to geotag them and upload them, but they’re there now!

  1. I saw you guys on the NJ turnpike Friday morning. I am a big motorsport guy and seeing the decals on the beemer… well I had to look up your site! Sounds like a fun trip! enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for saying hi! So far the trip has been great! Keeping checking up on the site to get more updates as the trip goes on :)

  2. It was fun cruising with you guys today, Best of luck with the trip and move! I have a pic of you guys snapping away from the moonroof… want me to post it? 😀

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